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postheadericon The Truth About Birth Control

When someone mentions the use of birth control, they are speaking of an action, or series of such, that is intended to reduce or eliminate the likelihood of a woman becoming pregnant.

This may include medication or devices, which are designed to aid in family planning. While the topic may be embarrassing to some, it is a necessary subject that must be discussed with maturity and honesty.

For years, birth control has been a controversial subject surrounding many individuals and their beliefs. Because many consider birth control to be an ‘unnatural’ approach, there has been great debate among those who oppose it’s use and those who approve of it.

Various forms of birth control are available, including over-the-counter products and prescribed medications. Anyone can walk into the store and purchase certain products, but others require a physician’s prescription.

While the safest form of birth control remains to be abstinence, many choose to use other methods of prevention. It is important to realize that even prescription birth control medications carry a risk of dangerous side effects, including blood clots, stroke and other potential problems.

During the initial visit with a physician, he/she will describe the various types of birth control available and the risks associated with each. It is important to understand these risks and to explain to the physician if there are any present medical conditions, which may increase the likelihood of suffering from the side effects associated with using certain types of birth control, including a patch or pills.

Depending on the patient and their current health, the physician will be able to recommend a birth control regimen and, if necessary, write a prescription accordingly.

When considering birth control, it is important that the individuals understand what the medication and/or device is and is not capable of.

For instance, birth control medications and/or devices do not prevent the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and individuals are urged to consult their physician with any questions regarding this topic.

In addition, there is not any type of birth control that is 100% guaranteed to be effective and should not be considered as such.

The information in this article is to be used for informational purposes only.
It should not be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice and/or recommendations.
Before considering or using any type of birth control, individuals should seek a recommendation by a qualified physician.

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