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How To Get Pregnant Easily Using Natural Conception Methods

Article by Elnora Scott

How to get pregnant naturally is probably the most common wish of all women trying to get pregnant. You are ready to start thinking about having a baby and you want to know how to get pregnant easily using natural conception methods. This is the way most women want to try for a baby and it’s the best route to go unless you encounter problems conceiving.

I have listed four points that will hopefully help you in getting pregnant.

* Before you even begin to think about getting pregnant, get healthy. That means both of you. Cut down on alcohol, smoking, any unnecessary drugs and eat healthily. It your bodies are fit and healthy, it’s a much better start for natural conception

* You obviously want to know when are you most likely to get pregnant. The easiest way to know this is to keep a fertility chart to calculate ovulation. Take your temperature every morning before you even get out of bed. It’s best to not drink or eat anything (not even water) before taking your temperature, as this will affect your reading. You will see that up to almost the middle of your cycle, your temperature will remain constant. Then there will be a slight increase (maybe only half a degree Fahrenheit). This shows you that you are ovulating and you have a good chance of getting pregnant. Your temperature will stay raised through to the end of your cycle when you menstruate or are pregnant.

* You can do a mucus test to also see if you are ovulating as your vaginal secretions also change at ovulation time. For most of the month, the mucus is thick and cloudy, but around the day before ovulation, it becomes slippery, stretchy and clear, similar to egg white. Isn’t nature amazing? It realizes that the sperm will have a problem swimming through this mucus, so it thins it down just for a couple of days to help the sperm!

* It has been found that having sex in the missionary position does increase your chance of getting pregnant. This is because the cervix changes position during your monthly cycle, and around ovulation time, it is in a much higher position. Another little miracle of nature.

Hopefully, with this information, you will increase your chances of becoming pregnant by natural conception. But, please remember, even if you are desperate for a baby, try to retain the tenderness of the intimacy between you and your partner. Don’t turn it into a clinical objective.

Stress can play a big part in stopping you getting pregnant. How many times have you heard of couples going through years of trying to have a baby, then they stop and accept it is not going to happen, then it does!So, good luck. I really hope you have your wonderful baby in your arms very soon.!!

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