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12 Responses to “How To Get Pregnant Fast & Naturally Are You Trying To Conceive?”

  • pregnant6181:

    wow,, this amazing ..

  • thebesttipsinfo:

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  • thebesttipsinfo:

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  • bewustwording:

    a friend of me was being told that she couldn’t get pregnant and now they have a healthy daughter. She’s purchased an interesting ebook which i’ve put on my channel that helped her to get pregnant she says. This proofs once again that doctors and scientist make mistakes. Nature is simply nature… I believe it’s all about the way of thinking.

  • BrownKathyLee:

    Just wanted to leave a comment, Great Video. Very Informative!
    Kath Lee Brown

  • fkmonstahh:

    me and my husband been trying to conceive i took four birth controls pills but then we decided to try and concieve so i stopped its been a week should i be okay to try now????

  • padussia:

    @jivekoko Thank you so much for clarifying that! And also does soy contribute to infertility? I am asking because my husband and I are trying to get pregnant and we stop eating peas and soy.

  • pukhai:

    @liniaji Add Moringa Max capsules from Natural Ease. It increase sperm health and count as well as quality of virginal mucosa, this will double the chances of getting pregnant.

  • liniaji:

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  • jivekoko:

    no no peas are not dangerous or harmful. I love to eat peas but I had my first son within ten months of my marriage. No problem absolutely. All women my sisters and sister in laws always ate peas nothing wrong.Never had problem with fertility.This is just a misconception.

  • yourbabymaker:

    not accurate info unfortunately, if the scientists gave the chemical found in peas to women but not peas themselves then saying peas contribute to infertility is inaccurate. if you isolate a chemical then you are taking it out of its natural environment where it will naturally act in synergy with other properties of the plant/vegetable, This is how many pharmaceutical drugs are made from natural plants and they often end up with a host of side effects as a result.

  • GetPregnantFast:

    The chemical found in peas is m-xylohydroquinine.

    Peas are also rich in manganese (as well as oats, wheat germ, rye bread), which all affect estrogen metabolism.

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