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postheadericon Help Getting Pregnant – 5 Top Tips On Getting Pregnant Fast

Help Getting Pregnant – 5 Top Tips On Getting Pregnant Fast

Article by Anna Davies

Do you need help getting pregnant? Advice is always easy to give; no matter if you are trying to get pregnant or you just want to find out how to boost your fertility. But, the real question is, do you know how your body works?

Each woman’s period of natural fertility is different, but in general it is about forty eight hours before ovulation and during the time she ovulates or releases her egg. Unfortunately the menstrual cycle is governed by the endocrinal system and hormones can be adversely affected by stress.

Stress can cause anovulation a condition which means that the ovaries do not produce an oocyte, and an oocyte is an immature female reproductive cell which will in time become an egg. Chronic anovulation leads to infertility.

Tip number 1 on getting pregnant fast – Positive Mental Attitude:

The first and most important tip to getting pregnant fast when you are having fertility issues is to remain positive. Too many couples are told that they can never have a baby; it is true in some cases, that infertility is a fact of life. However if you are your partner have a reproductive system that works then you can conceive a child.

Be careful what you wish for try not to have a negative attitude because you can convince your subconscious that you do not want a child. Any thoughts that you may never have a child of your own should be erased permanently from your brain.

Tip number 2 on getting pregnant fast – Be Aware of Your Body:Become attuned your body and its natural cycle. Make sure that you know when you are ovulating because having sexual intercourse for a few days before ovulation and during ovulation will increase your chance of getting pregnant. Keep daily journals reporting how you feel so that you can become more attuned with your body.

Tip number 3 on getting pregnant fast – Watch Your Weight:

Make sure that both you and your partner are physically fit and the correct weight. You minimize your chances of getting pregnant if you are either obese or underweight. It is estimated that about twelve percent of fertility problems in women and men that have working reproductive parts is due to weight issues.

Try and remember that it is not just the female that has to be the correct weight. Obese men have a lower sperm count and they also are more likely to have a motility issue which makes their sperm sluggish and slow. Obesity means there is an extra layer of fat around the testicles which has the effect of raising body temperature. Even a miniscule increase in body temperature can mean that less sperm are produced. Excessive exercise can also increase the temperature of the testicles.

Tip number 4 on getting pregnant fast – Stop Smoking and Drinking:

Smoking tobacco has been linked to a lower sperm count and slower motility. Some medical studies have linked long term smoking of marijuana to abnormally developed sperm and a reduced sperm count. Excessive drinking also affects the production of healthy sperm.

Tip number 5 on getting pregnant fast – Investigate Different Sex Positions:The missionary position with the male on top is regarded by some doctors as the most satisfactory position to get pregnant. It is physically possible to get pregnant in any position and there are no clinical studies about positions, however, it is widely accepted that those who have difficulty conceiving are more likely to get pregnant when they optimise the shortest route for the sperm to travel.

Do you face a problem getting pregnant? Do you have fertility problems or do you just want to ensure that it’s safe for you to become pregnant?

About the Author

My name is Anna Davies and I love life. I am dedicated acupuncturist, and I research and write on many subjects including women’s issues and health and well-being.

postheadericon Need Help To Get Pregnant- Use These Simple Tips If You Want To Become Pregnant Fast

Need Help To Get Pregnant- Use These Simple Tips If You Want To Become Pregnant Fast

Article by Susan Smith

There are many women who dream about getting pregnant. At some point in their lives, a couple will hope for a beautiful baby. It is becoming very common that once the couple starts trying for a baby they get no results.

This can be very hard on both people and can lead to depression because they feel as if they have failed. Follow these tips if you need help to get pregnant.

There is a pattern that you must follow in your sex life if you really want to get pregnant. Your menstrual cycle is the force behind this pattern. You need to pay attention to your cycle so you will know when you are ovulating.

You are more likely to get a positive result if you have sexual intercourse while the female partner is ovulating. You will want to look for signs that show you are at the peak of fertility for that month. Two of the most obvious signs are:

The first thing you need to know is when you are ovulating. You will know you are ovulating when you see mucous secretion from your cervix. When you are at the peak of your fertility it will look like an egg white and become very stretchy. If you really want to get pregnant you should have sex when your body is doing this.

Another thing you need to do is check your body temperature each morning is another way to check for fertility. Your body temperature will decrease slightly when you are going to ovulate. When trying to conceive a baby you should be aware of this.

You will always want to be fit and healthy. You need to keep a healthy body weight and eat well. Your odds of getting pregnant are increased with a healthy lifestyle.

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